Our goal is to help individuals achieve the highest level of success in life through effective goal setting.

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The Peak Success Goal Setting System

The Peak Success Difference

Goal setting can be a demanding process and without a support system around you the chances of achieving your goals are greatly reduced. We provide that support system through our structured coaching program. From every setback to every success, we want to be there every step of the way!

Excerpt from the Blog

Hang in there! How to sustain progress and stay motivated.

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A woman in her mid 30s, I’m going to call her R, came to me with her goal for the new year – lose 6 pounds in a month; and keep going till she reached her target weight. She had a sound plan – go running a few times each week, watch her meals carefully and lose her excess body fat over the next 4-5 months.

She returned after the first month of the new plan, elated, having lost her targeted pounds for that month. But a few months later, when she came back, I saw no signs of weight loss. She told me, with a sheepish grin that, after her first successful month, she had begun to slacken, just a little at first, up to a point that she had not only regained the lost pounds, but in fact, gained an extra pound too!

What happened with R is not new: Lose 15lbs and gain 20 back, save $100 but spend $500. In fact, sustaining progress, after the initial burst of enthusiasm is where most people stumble along the way to achieving their goals.

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Success Tips

If you are feeling overwhelmed trying to accomplishing your goals , consider moving your target completion dates further out in time. Then when you feel you have things back under control, consider adjusting them back again.

Scott J. Mills 2014

Success Thoughts

If you don't like your current situation in life then do something to change it. No one can keep you from having what you want in life. You deserve it. So take action today to start the change.

Scott J. Mills 2014

...Your program sounds great and it sounds like you are going to be able to help a lot of people accelerate their success.

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